Vietnamese Egg Noodle Wonton Soup

Wonton is made primarily out of ground pork. There are many ways to cook wontons such as steamed, boiled, pan-fried, deep-fried or a combination of these techniques.


Wontons can also be served in variety of ways. In Vietnamese cuisine, they are usually a component in soups as in Vietnamese Egg Noodle Wonton Soup.


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What Is Pho?


Of course, before I go into the history of Pho, we should first tackle a more fundamental question about pho, namely: What in the world is Pho? 


Many readers know exactly what Pho is. Articles on Pho that you find around the Internet define the dish simply as Vietnamese noodle soup, traditionally made with beef or chicken broth that is flavored with various spices and topped with various herbs. But this definition seems far too simplistic because it does not really capture the rich and intense essence of beef in the broth that can only be achieved by simmering marrow-rich beef bones on low heat for at least three hours.


It does not describe the complex layers of flavor created by the herbs and spices in Pho. It does not illustrate the many textures created by the chewy rice noodles, the tender beef slices and the crunchy bean sprouts in the soup.



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